Phantom Screw and Washer Kit


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Not sure what screw you need? This kit has it all. It contains at least one screw for every application, and multiples where needed to ensure you can replace every screw on your Phantom at least once.

Kit contains the following:

12 Round 1pc Feed Tube Plug (51117)
Rear Frame Screw (52026)
Front Frame Screw (52027)
45 Grip Frame Screw (53044)
Rear ASA Screw (53051)
T-Stock/Front ASA Screw x3 (53052)
Horizontal Feed Tube Screw (59013)
Clamping Feedneck Screw NS (59025)
Feedneck Adapter Screw (59215)
Dual Rod UC Lock Washer (59216)
Dual Rod UC Mounting Screw (59217)
Grip Screw Lock Washer (59306)
T-Stock Shoulder Screw (59322)
Clamping Feedneck Screw OS (59324)
45 Grip, UC Plate, Rear Sight Screw x8 (59402)
Vertical Air Adapter Screw x2 (59458)
Trigger Shoe Set Screw x2 (59512)
Safety Set Screw (59523)

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