About the company

Component Concepts was formed in 1979 to provide product design assistance and manufacturing expertise. In 1986 the development of a pump action paintball gun was undertaken and went to market in 1987. The first guns sold were a fixed breech/barrel assembly mated to a modified Crossman air pistol frame with a 12 gram CO2 quick changer. In 1988 the frame was changed to a M-16 style and in 1989 – 90 the air adapter was changed to accommodate bulk CO2 and now HPA tanks.

Over the years CCI has changed and improved the product and now offer various configuration and colors of The Phantom pump action paintball guns. All pump action guns can be converted from bulk hopper feed to stock class configuration.

Stock Class is a specific configuration that has the feed tube parallel to the breech requiring a tilting to load a paintball ( rock and cock). The stock class paintball gun is power by a single 12 gram CO2. Stock Class showcases the skill of the player and structures the play to a more sportsman like game.