*NEW* Phantom Spring PHeed




For the first time ever, Phantom has an official Spring Feed! We’ve had stock-class options, open-class (or hopper-fed) options, and finally… the spring assisted feed is here.

This spring feed mounts securely to the top of your Phantom via the sight rail screw holes on the top of your valve body. The body of the feed is machined from aluminum for durability and strength, while the ball follower and ball guide are machined from delrin for a smooth and reliable feed every time.

Installation takes only a few minutes and you’ll be firing paint at any-and-all angles.


-Fire paint up hill, down hill, or even hold the gun upside down – The Spring PHeed will ensure you have a ball loaded every time you pump.

-Holds 14+1 paintballs

-Reload quickly by locking the follower forward, rotating the ball guide, and pouring the paintballs in with a 10-round tube(or by hand). Rotate the ball guide back to the “Load” position, and slap the follower into place.



-You will need to have a stock-class breech to install the Spring PHeed.

-You will need any one of the under-cocking kits on your gun to install the Spring PHeed. (The low-profile fit to the top of the gun does not allow for the use of the standard pump handle which goes around the barrel.)


The all new Phantom Spring PHeed starts shipping December 1st, 2021!

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Weight 1.5 lbs


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