Phantom 2.0 Open Class Breech with Detents


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What is the 2.0?
The Phantom 2.0 breech is the same as the classic Phantom breeches you all know and trust, but with a major upgrade. The 2.0 breeches feature the ever popular ASP Detent system, now coming standard. Say goodbye to rollouts and double feeds!

How it works.
There are 2 slots milled into the bottom of the breech, and they allow for a set of 005 x 90 Buna o-rings to rest inside the body. The edges of the o-rings will protrude slightly into the breech, creating a detent, and will help prevent both rollouts and double feeds.

Two Stage Detent.
The first oring detent will keep your gun from double feeding when the pump handle is pulled back chambering a ball. Once you push the pump handle forward, the ball will roll over the first detent and then rest behind the second one, keeping it from rolling down the barrel.

We are NOT able to modify your existing breech with the ASP detent system. If you have a breech that needs to be updated, you can contact the team over at Air Soldier Products and they should be able to get you all set up.

This part replaces part #2 and/or part #35. (see diagram)

This is for the breech only, and you may also need to purchase the Feedneck #69023 here, and the Clamp Ring #69022 here.

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