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Ladies and gentlemen, the Phantom is back!


This particular Phantom is the next marker to be produced under the new ownership of Extreme Velocity. It’s among the first of this new generation of classic Phantoms, and has a couple of unique features.

First of all, it’s a stock class offset feed breech, featuring a 14 inch barrel, 45 frame with wrap around Hogue grips, CP On/Off bottom-line with macro hose, detent ring set, and the dual-rod under cocking pump kit. This gun is done in gloss black.

The offset stock class breech is fairly uncommon. It leaves the top of the gun clear, while the 1-piece feed tube sits at the 45 degree angle on the right. If you look closely at the pictures you can see the subtle difference.

Those familiar with the Phantom may have noticed something missing from the pictures. This particular marker has no laser-engraving. This is one of just a handful of Phantoms that will be released before the normal laser-engraved frames come back into stock. The result is a marker that we feel looks very clean and sleek with nothing to distract from the classic Phantom silhouette.

Unfortunately, this Phantom is not available to the public. It will go to the person highest on our waiting list who would like this particular configuration. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please email with the subject line “Add me to the wait list!”

Stock Class Offset Feed Breech
12 Round 1-piece Feed Tube
Dual Rod Pump
45 Frame with Wrap Around Hogue Grips
CP On/Off Bottomline with Macro Line Hose
14″ Barrel
Detent Ring Set
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