Phantom Revolution Cocker Breech


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We have a sad announcement to make. The Phantom Revolution will no longer be produced.

This Revolution which is pictured was built in November 2019 for the purpose of bringing some small batches of Revolutions back to the market. However, after extensive testing, we are uncomfortable with the performance of this particular model. We, as the new owners of Phantom, are completely dedicated to keeping the extraordinarily high standards set by our predecessor, Mike Cassidy. As such, we will be focusing all our efforts on the production of Classic Phantom paintball markers, of which we can be certain of the performance.

Original Description:
The Phantom Revolution is the latest version of the Phantom Pump marker, and is a departure from the “Nelson-based” design of the classic Phantom.

The Revolution has many features that set it apart. The most noticeable is that it offers the lightest pump stroke available, since you are simply chambering a ball with the pump stroke, not cocking a main spring as in the classic Phantom.  The Revolution has an inline regulator creating a very consistent shot and the flexibility to be setup to run off HPA or Co2. Depending on what gas system you are using, you may need to switch out to one of the different Air Pistons that will be included. The Revolution also includes a barrel insert system, allowing you to achieve the perfect paint/bore match, without having to use any aftermarket barrel system.