Phantom Open Class RF VA with 12g Changer


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Open Class RF VA with 12g Changer: Oil Mist

This Phantom comes with an open class right feed breech, featuring our brand new 12 inch Freak bored barrel, 12 gram co2 changer, 45 grip with panels, vertical air kit with macro line, one .684 barrel insert, and pressure gauge valve. This gun is done in a one of a kind ano.

This particular marker is one of the first from our new Mist series of Phantoms. We wanted to bring back colors in a big way. We wanted something that would be reminiscent of the classic Acid Wash phantoms done for many years, while bringing something new and fresh to the Phantom community. The Mist series is the result. Each Mist series Phantom has a one of a kind, hand-crafted anodize developed by the same master anodizer who’s been anodizing Phantoms for years. This process, however, is entirely new. And not just new to Phantoms, but new to anodizing as a craft! The Mist series Phantoms are made one by one, and we cannot replicate the color. Although the same base colors may be used, the end result is unique with each marker. The final result is a truly one-off marker that is sure to turn heads at the field!

The 12 gram co2 changer allows you to power the gun with standard 12 gram co2 cartridges. The whole 12 gram changer assembly can also be removed to use any standard co2 or compressed air tank.

Unfortunately, this Phantom is not available to the public. It will go to the person highest on our waiting list who would like this particular configuration. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please email with the subject line “Add me to the wait list!”

Oil Mist Ano
Open Class Right Feed
12 Gram Co2 changer
45 grip
Gauged Valve
Vertical ASA with macro line kit
12″ Phreak Barrel
Freak Insert .684
Price $549