Welcome To The Manufacturer Site For Phantom Paintball Products.

Phantom is dedicated to the sport of pump action paintball! We make markers which have been in the game over 30 years with performance, quality and service. Here you will be able to purchase in stock items. Please use the contact page for questions and custom configurations.

Exciting news, and some bad news…

First the Bad. Most of you are aware that we have two models of Phantom; the Classic Phantom, and the newer Phantom Revolution. Well, we will not be releasing any Phantom Revolution markers. The Revolution pictured above was built in November this year, as the first of a small batch of Revolutions that we intended to release. Unfortunately, after extensive testing, we are uncomfortable with the performance of this model. We, as the new owners of Phantom, are completely dedicated to keeping the extraordinarily high standards set by our predecessor, Mike Cassidy. As such, we will be focusing all our efforts on the production of Classic Phantom paintball markers, of which we can be certain of the performance.

Now for the exciting news!

We will begin offering Classic Phantoms for sale to our loyal (ph)ans starting next week, on December 13th! These first batches will be very limited, and will be offered to those on our waiting list, starting at the top and working our way down. We intend to take care of everyone on the wait list before offering markers to the general public through this website.

If you are not yet on the wait list, and would like to be added, please email Sales@PhantomOnline.com

Upcoming Phantom Parts

While we are hard at work to have all the parts available to build full guns, some parts are due in earlier than others. The following are parts coming back in stock soon. You may be looking for the following parts as upgrades to your current Phantom, so here’s when you might expect them.

Vertical air kits with pressure gauge – Early December

Vertical air kits with macroline – Early December

Phantom Trigger Frames – Mid December

Classic Phantom Markers – Late 2019 (Limited number)

Recently Released Phantom Parts

We just received a large batch of parts(November 11th)! Take a look around the site for parts that are newly back in stock. We’ve hi lighted a few below…

Phantom Detent Ring Sets – NOW IN STOCK!

Phantom Valve bodies – NOW IN STOCK!

Phantom Valve Bodies With Pressure Gauge – NOW IN STOCK!

Vertical air adapters – NOW IN STOCK!

45 Frames – NOW IN STOCK!

45 Frame Only – NOW IN STOCK!

Dual-Rod Under Cocking pump kits – NOW IN STOCK!

1-piece 12 Round feed tubes – NOW IN STOCK!

More coming soon…