Welcome To The Manufacturer Site For Phantom Paintball Products.

Phantom is dedicated to the sport of pump action paintball! We make markers which have been in the game over 30 years with performance, quality and service. Here you will be able to purchase in stock items. Please use the contact page for questions and custom configurations.

Covid-19 Update:

Phantom Online is a one-man (Sometimes two-man) shop. Jesse is committed to shipping every order just as fast as we always have. He’s able to do this while working alone, thus not contributing to any potential virus spreading. Meanwhile, I (Brian) am in a separate building maintaining this website, also alone.

Phantom Marker Available:

Phantom Vertical Stock Class (Offset)

Phantom Open Class Right Feed

Recently Released Phantom Parts

12 Gram Changer Assembly

A Brand New Product – We’ve had 11″, and 14″ but never before has there  been a 12″ Phantom barrel, until now!

12″ Phreak Bored barrel

12″ Standard Phantom Barrel

More coming soon…